This Playground is where we are building a universal model of Nurture, Equality Truth and Systems- NETS.

Nurture to enhance the quality and sustainability of life

Nurture applies to ourselves, to everything that is associated with life and to everything that attains a form of life. Nurture applies to the functions of mind and body, matter:energy and systems. Nurture applies to conscious thought and subconscious current. Nurture applies to perception, choices, decisions, actions, relationships and exchanges. Nurture applies to every human construct and every piece of knowledge as it relates to every sensation and every act. Nurture describes states of being, states of change and states of evolution toward potential. Nurture describes the opportunity costs and relative benefits of any alteration in a system and the informs the choice of alteration.

Nurture is embossed in “what is” and is to be understood through our pursuit of systemic truth. Nurture envelopes Equality. Nurture is experienced through our conscious, subconscious and corporal. The complexity of Nurture is experienced by every living entity. Work with us to continue to evolve the construct of Nurture.

Equality to value and perceive every person equally

We believe the concept of equality requires a systemic understanding that includes SLANT and the myriad ways Equality is subverted across all of our lives. Equality is not just about legal diligence, ethics or politeness; it is about how each of us evolves through our conscious and subconscious life experiences and our genetic programming to view the world and its people and the accompanying life systems. The word “equality” does not begin to communicate the complexity of our use of it as a consuming principle. Ultimately, Equality becomes a fully actualized and realized conscious, subconscious and corporal internal code that overwrites SLANT. As we explain with the pursuit of Truth, the pursuit of Equality similarly requires an unrelenting process of effortful and systemic change that will never be fully achieved. But we can make great progress. Help us map the principle of Equality.

Truth to constantly pursue an accurate, scientific and systemic understanding of everything complex

Our visual model of Truth depicts the vertical bar, representing the act of trying to achieve Truth, as not quite vertical. There are some components of our world that allow a sense of certainty. It is certain that you are “reading” these words when you are in the act of reading them. But for anything important, systemic, complex, or about humans or atoms and much more..we are only able to make progress toward Truth. Large numbers of people do not understand that words are merely incrementally developed symbols that have not advanced with the complexity of what we now know. We love words and language. But by employing a visualizable Proof Process, we know that we can do better than words to help us with the systemic complexity of a world we are just beginning to understand. Y Worlds is dedicated to the pursuit of Truth and we believe it is the process and not the end that we need to aspire to. We embrace full access and cultivation of knowledge, of proof processes and of the derivation and frameworks of knowledge. We believe much that is communicated to the masses today lacks vigorous pursuit of accurate, honest, trustworthy, documented, objective, systemic, rational, logical, reasonable and comprehensive derivation. And much of what we receive as information has not been structured so that we can best understand it, remember the meaning of it, and act wisely to achieve our objectives.

Systems to understand and organize everything to maximize Nurture, Equality and Truth

We believe everything is multi dynamic and multi systemic. Dynamics apply to the smallest core matter and energy and their connectivity with other forms of matter and energy. Systems apply to the code, programming and nature of the smallest core matter and energy and throughout their connectivity with everything larger, including molecules, materials, life forms, human constructs, ecosystems, planets and universes. We think it is helpful and possibly essential to represent systems, through visualization and motion because that is the nature of everything. Humans are coded and built to process visual form and pattern very effectively. So when we think about anything, we don’t need to settle for words to define and describe them. We can also begin to create a systemic language that helps to explain the complex connectivity and programming that underlies everything in the universe, and also everything within the human centric universe – how we think, act, organize ourselves and grapple with understanding and meaning. As a beginning, we have organized Systems first as a recognition of the reality of how our consciousness works, then as a modeling and representation of what we understand and do not understand about the relationships and exchanges among matter and energy, components and machines, cells and nutrients, brains and human constructs, micro and macro etc. and finally, the root code and programming that defines behaviors within and among simple to complex interactions. There has been enormous progress in understanding systems and complexity. Work with us to produce a universal starting language and framework that will set the stage for accelerated development and universal adoption.

We believe that human society benefits from clear objectives driven by cooperatively developed principles. Experience has taught us that believing in absolutes leads to a corruption of promise, compassion and intellectual potential. To live up to our potential requires a careful, conscious and studied choice of viewpoints and perspectives, framed by understanding. That choice of viewpoint must consider that human thought is a complex individualized melding of ever-changing matter and energy, genetics and code, life experience, conscious and subconscious processing and chance. None of us can be relied on for intellectual accuracy and objectivity in all things. No absolutes. That is why our cooperative intends to be a generous and effective community of equals.

We believe everything is multi dynamic and multi systemic. Dynamics apply to the smallest core matter and energy and their connectivity with other forms of matter and energy. Systems apply to the code, programming and nature of the smallest core

So, Y Worlds has adopted these four principles (Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems) as  a system of thought.  We think they have organic properties that could function as the highest levels of connective tissue for civilization if put into practice. They are objectives through which we can measure useful dimensions of human progress. They are the highest levels of connective tissue for civilization. They can be thought of as the tip of a large scale ontological framework of understanding. We believe they are the distilled essence of what the history of humankind, and our study of human behavior,  teaches us is necessary to fully realize our potential.

We need to start any understanding with Nurture and a commitment to Equality. We need to arrive at understanding through a never ending pursuit of Truth. And we need to organize the knowledge we gather, and the viewpoints we take, around the concept of Systems – everything is a system and is connected to other systems.

It takes well constructed systems to achieve Nurture, Equality and Truth. It takes Nurture, Equality and Truth to construct systems that achieve their potential. Nurture is inextricably tied to Equality. Truth is inextricably tied to Systems. We ask you to understand them as a framework that embraces complexity and systemic composition. NETS is part of our evolving visual systemic language – composed of adaptive, generative dynamic models that organize and communicate complexity. Y Worlds Cooperative plans to develop many more systemic models to represent the meaning we seek in knowledge.

The NETS model can be used in a variety of ways:

Checklist : It immediately identifies four critical variables that together frame a view of ourselves and our world.

Systemic Reference : It introduces a set of principles and a systemic framework for human centric exploration, thought and action.

Metric : Using dynamic patterns that carry meaning, the marks of NETS can instantly convey which elements of the model are in play and can characterize the elements in terms of intensity, complexity, interrelationship, state, actualization and realization.

Y Worlds Model : Integrated with other Y Models, the NETS model focuses attention on all of the dimensions of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems when applied to human consciousness, human subconsciousness, exchanges, laws, actions, ideas, objectives, outcomes, and the systemic function and scaffolding of civilizations.

The elements of NETS are made up of cells and sub-cells that represent degrees of detail and allow the deconstruction and/or reconstruction of the 4 principles. We encourage you to join us in thinking about NETS and how it should evolve. We think our motivation and intent behind the development of NETS was oriented towards the objective of the pursuit of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. There are many other ways to achieve our intent, there are many similar initiatives, and there are many thoughtful approaches that have very little in common with ours. Our Cooperative must always be open and actively seeking new and better ideas and new and better proofs that satisfy our needs and objectives. This is just a start. NETS anchors everything we do so that we can take on the challenge of complexity with a conscious, thoughtful choice about our perspective. Any anchor can be modified or pulled.

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